DHL SPL's Make-A-Wish sponsoring

Hi All,
First of all I would like to thank the people who supported us as they look invisible. They were there for us all the time to provide us with food and drinks but also a friendly face at each stop, strong words when we only saw dark clouds and even to walk aside when we needed. Without them on 888 nothing would have been possible!
Secondly I would like to thank each of you who participate to my dream and help me to let it become true. I think you can be proud of yourself. You can tell the people around you that thanks to your contribution on this hard but fantastic journey, we were able to gather 11785 for Make a Wish! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
As last, it was a great pleasure and honor for me to lead this project to a overwhelming success. Before I close this message, I would like to thank 2 people specially: Neil who brought me the inspiration to achieve this and Eddy that even after leading us through this experiment, takes us back to the best moments of it via this website.

High regards,

Marc Steffens

Congratulations to the participants and especially to the finishers: Lana Pudova (StartNr 3042), Marc Steffens (2863), Neil Durrance (2864), Bart Windey (2871), Chris & Kelly Hoogewijs (3105).
Details can be found here.

DHL walking for charity team.
Standing from left to right:
Back row: Charles Menkhorst, Neil Durrance, Marc Saenen, Julien Martinot, Claire Barnes, Roelito Quiambao, George Adejugbe, Bart Windey and Koen Deboeck.
2nd row: Chris and Kelly Hoogewijs, Cristiane A Clabost, Fanny Houtput and Paola Campo
Front row: Ilse Van Crombrugge, Marc Steffens and Lana Pudova.

Click here to see more pictures (with sound!).

For the "Make-A-Wish" foundation we gathered:
Name Recorded distance Average Speed Sponsoring
Bart Windey 100,00 km 4,80 km/h 650,00
Charles Menkhorst 50,34 km 5,40 km/h 325,00
Claire Barnes 32,22 km 5,20 km/h 195,00
Cristiane A Clabost 32,22 km 4,40 km/h 195,00
Fanny Houtput 32,22 km 4,90 km/h 195,00
George Adjugbe 32,22 km 5,50 km/h 195,00
Ilse Van Crombrugge 50,34 km 5,10 km/h 325,00
Julien Martinot 50,34 km 5,40 km/h 325,00
Kelly Hoogewijs 100,00 km 4,30 km/h 650,00
Koen Deboeck 32,22 km 4,90 km/h 195,00
Lana Pudova 100,00 km 5,30 km/h 650,00
Marc Saenen 32,22 km 4,40 km/h 195,00
Marc Steffens 100,00 km 5,00 km/h 650,00
Neil Durrance 100,00 km 4,80 km/h 650,00
Paola Campo 17,32 km 5,50 km/h 65,00
Roelito Quiambao 50,34 km 4,80 km/h 325,00

Total Individuals 5.785,00
Bonus 6.000,00
End Total 11.785,00

Support team: Marc & Katia Dingemans (24h), Steven Gordts (night shift), Kitty Van Bever,
Nadia Vrijders, Sofie Timmermans, Veerle Paeps, Joost Lange and Jean-Marc Szary.